Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.4 (Mod Apk) & ios İphone

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Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr

Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.4 (Mod Apk) Noblesse’s vast story easier and faster!
Godgame of idle RPG!!

★Each of this adventure now?! ★

◆ Pay just by connecting to a road-level fellow
◆ Road-class worldview strongest [Raiser] paid
◆ Continuous rewards with special guerrilla events
◆ ZERO growth stress with event dungeon
◆ Log in-Just participate in the event
We give you everything from UR to Awakening Soul Weapon!
◆ All-time rewards are poured just by connecting!

★ Special Update ★

1) Clan Raid-If you unite, you will wake up!

2) New Companion-Aristocrat’s romanticist Karius appeared!
[Noblesse:ZERO new companion update]
Noblesse World View Choi Aeka’Razak’ Update!
New character update!

3) Boost UP with special event!!

4) Soul Weapon Awakening Update

5) Wanted Raid Match
[Special UPDATE Boss Battle’Most Wanted’]
-Get special updates and special benefits and start a strong adventure!

Not a simple neglect, idle game
The story and splendid direction of the original Noblesse
Feel it!

6) Franken Research Institute opened & Dimensional Store
[Dimensional Store / Franken Research Institute] updated for easier and faster growth!
Anyone can easily cultivate Noblesse’s best love!

[Noblesse:ZERO BIG Update]
Everyone grows fast! Opportunity to become stronger
Franken Institute UPDATE
Get a powerful buff!
The dimension store update makes it easier to recruit new colleagues.

Official channel
-Official cafe
-Official page

Naver webtoon NO.1 Noblesse!
A solid webtoon proven with 2.4 billion views!
Finally born as the first idle RPG!

# Take the event of reaching 500,000 in advance reservation♬
From the 5-star M-21, the first place in pre-voting!
Even the big diamond and the summons ticket
I give it all!

# Same but different story
New stories unfold with the original Noblesse!
ZERO’s own webtoon animation that appears as it gets stronger!
-Meet a new story and your very own Choi Ae-Ke!

# Brilliant battle powerful skills
Gorgeous skill effects appearing from the original Noblesse!
When the favorite characters use their skills, they create a special’exciting’!
-Strong characters’ webtoon skill scene directing!

# Convenient battle and training
No no no going to work all day!
Meet powerful pleasure through convenient combat and quick training!
-Fast-growing, intense but easy and convenient content! Enhancing the dignity of an idle RPG!

# All Noblesse characters appear!
All the favorite characters from the webtoon [Noblesse] of the 12-year long-run legend appear!
Look forward to the new HERO through the update!

# Follow Agent Han Shin-Woo to face the Dark Chromebell!
Peace has come after the battle with Krombell…
But that peace won’t last long…
Protect the worldview of [Noblesse] with Shinwoo Han who became an agent!

Inquiries and Report Errors
-For inquiries and error reports, contact (write after executing the link)
-We will respond quickly after receiving your inquiry.

※ Developer Contact: 1507, Kolon Digital Billant, 222-7, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
※ Caution: If you delete the game or change the device, the data in the game may be deleted.

Ⓒ ANDROMEDA GAMES Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
Developer Contact: 070-5167-6006
Customer Center 02-6434-0028
Developer Contact:
Customer Center 02-6434-0028노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON

1. Higher Statbonus for Player Lvl (Atk/HP)
2. High XP gain
3. High Money gain (gym idk the correct name)


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