Fable Secrets v0.0.10 (Mod Apk) & ios İphone

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Fable Secrets

Fable Secrets v0.0.10 (Mod Apk)

When a promising amateur witch named Alice decided to become a student of great enchantress Circe, she certainly didn’t expect she would end up trying to save all the Magical Kingdoms. And only you can help her succeed! Together you must stop Circe from becoming a Queen and taking over the world, and in order to do that, you must break her curse!

Play addicting and original levels, where you try to find pairs or triples of identical objects before the time runs out. Remember that every level offers you a new mechanic. The objects you need to find could be differently colored, broken in halves, or of different sizes. You won’t see such innovative and challenging pair-finding levels anywhere else!

By plating these levels you will earn stars, that you can spend on renovating your very own Wizard Mansion! As you renovate your adobe, it will be filled with flying brooms, mutant plants, and magical artifacts. Nobody knows what waits for you in the depth of the manor, keep on playing levels and earning stars to find out!

Every time you finish a set of tasks in your mansion, you’ll be able to play a jigsaw puzzle and unlock a new chapter of the story. Restoring your manor is fun and all, but remember we still need to stop the evil witch Circe! Every new chapter offers you different levels with original mechanics as well as unique locations to learn about. You can visit the Deep Dark Woods, Circe’s Tower, the Kingdom Of Sleeping Beauty and so much more!

And if you ever feel stuck on a level, the magical power-ups, made for you by Alice, will surely help! Use the Fireflies to highlight a pair that is tricky to find, or use the Time-Freezing Powder to have some extra playing time, your possibilities are endless!

Fable Secrets features:
• Choose your wizard and dive into a fantasy tale
• Help Alice stop the evil witch and become a master spell crafter
• Become an expert in 12+ pair finding mechanics
• Summon magical power-ups to find pairs and stop in time
• Compete with other players for the high score
• Earn stars and rebuild your magical manor
• Unlock new story parts by solving jigsaw puzzlesFable Secrets
Fable Secrets
Fable Secrets
Fable Secrets
Fable Secrets

Mod features:
You can get free stuff without watching ads.


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