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Wonder Planetes

Wonder Planetes Apk v40 (Mod Apk) There’re a lot of contents that can satisfy gamers who like action RPGs.

♥ A mobile action game with thrilling battles!
Try various battles such as the main mission with 60 different patterns, the battle to protect the decoy, and the wargame to supply crystals.
As the missions clear, you can acquire unique operator skins and combine skills according to your taste.

♥ Upgrade! upgrade! Various items, parts, and equipment!
As the battle progresses, you can equip and upgrade various operators, battleships, and parts.
You have to upgrade your operator and battleship to fight with powerful bosses of various styles!

♥ Beautiful operators’ illustrations!
Beauties are waiting for your challenge. Every time you clear a battle, you can collect sexy operator’s illustrations! Who will be the operator of the next mission?

♥ Nonstop content. Infinite item resources. Time flies!
Expedition that you can get more necessary items, Essence Lab, and the Research Lab that can strengthen your fleet.
You will play the game diligently to make the items you want.
Don’t miss the quests that give you plenty of items every day and every week!

♥ Fierce competition PVP, Arena!
1vs1, 3vs3 PVP Arena operated by season.
There are special emblems that vary depending on your tier grade.
Get rewards based on the Arena season results
Wonder Planetes
Wonder Planetes
Wonder Planetes

MOD Features:
1. Menu
2. One Hit Kill


Wonder Planetes v40 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Wonder Planetes v40 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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