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Protein بروتين APP

Production and Storage

In our production and storing areas, “Safety and hygiene are Protein top priorities”


In Protein, Dietitian department has the responsibility to manage food services, plans, and maintain a contiguous development in cooperation with Production department to provide the best quality, healthy and tasty meals.


We are proud of our delivery service because our high technical know-how manageable in a smart way, we give our customers a time frame and our word is our bond.

Customer Services

Our agents are always ready to help current and potential customers taking into consideration offering after sales service is important as before sale services.


• Athlete packages “Nine various packages to meet athlete requirements

• Targeted healthy packages “Weight loss –Maintain weight – Weight gain”

• Therapeutic packages “Bariatric – Lactation and pregnancy – Diabetes – Cholesterol”

• Keto packages “Protein considered a pioneer in implementing the healthy Keto in Kuwait market”

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