Edge Lighting – Border Color Apk Mod

September 23, 2022 0 Comments

Edge Lighting – Border Color APP

Edge Lighting makes your phone looks cooler than ever before. Edge Lighting adds cool light to your mobile home screen, other apps and lock screen!

Completely Free Edge Lighting APP emits dynamic border light like neon, bringing magic to your phone. Enjoy the ambiance from dynamic edge lighting, designed for mobile holics.

🆒 Various Style Edge Lighting

Choose edge lighting border style: star, heart, snowflake, cloud, flower, sun, crown…

Homochromous or colorful edge lighting

Sweetheart border light style,

Punk lightning border light style templates,

Burning flame border light style…

HEY, Whatever style you want can be found!

🌃 Customizable Template for Edge Lighting

Up to ten round colors can be chosen

Configurable Width and speed of Edge lighting

Adjustable Top radius & bottom radius of Screen Border light

WOW, you also can be a great artist!

Considerate Function of Edge Lighting

Applicable to Full screen, water drop, hole, or notch, Edge Lighting supports all types of screen, lightning for infinity U, display notch, new infinity…

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, OPPO, Nokia, Sony, Vivo…

Edge lighting displays over other apps to enjoy cool & beautiful lighting experience

Set as live wallpaper

Edge lighting does not consume more battery, just adds beautiful lighting to your screen

Extremely small APK size

NOW, made to measure for your android mobile special!


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