Indian Sweets Hindi Wastickers Apk Mod

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Indian Sweets Hindi Wastickers APP

Are you Indian food lover and love to cook Indian food (pakwan) recipe or you love to eat Indian sweets or hindi desserts than we have created indian sweets and food stickers for WhatsApp that includes wide variety of Indian cuisine stickers. We mention sticker packs names of all food hindi stickers as below:

🍬 meethe pakwan stickers

🥧 dal pakwan recipe stickers

🥧 funny memes of indian food

🥧 ramzan special pakwan stickers

Different memes related to food and sweets help in making conversation interesting for example you can send a food party sticker to tell your friends this food was very special in the celebrated party event. Similarly send sweets on chat to celebrate different Indian events like Holi, Dewali or Navatari.

Different sweets names are also written in hindi with sweet picture so users could easily identify any pakwan. Some of food names are mention here like apple desserts sticker, baklava sticker, biscuits brownie sticker and cake sticker etc

Similarly a food sticker also have food text along with food picture. For example we have list of foods stickers like baked paneer stickers, chicken tikka masala stickers, keema samosa sticker, rogan josh sticker, cheese omelette sticker, chum chum sticker, kebab sticker and curry dosai stickers etc are added in Indian sweets Hindi stickers pack

In Version 2 of Hindi sticker app we added fresh Bollywood stars stickers of salman khan, amir khan, rabir kapoor with funny dialogues stickers taken from hindi movies and funny Bollywood girls face stickers and Indian cricketers like virat kohli, ms dohni and IPL cricketers stickers were also added. Similarly Indian currency stickers for WhatsApp were also included which contain hd rupee coins and currency WA stickers.

We hope our indian users will love our bindas sweets sticker : Hindi wastickersapp and don’t forget to rate us on store

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